Frame Your Brand Strategy

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Creating a brand strategy starts with understanding a few things about your product or services and the people or companies who might purchase them.

First, what is the sweet spot your product or service meets? Who benefits most from your product and who purchases what you offer? Second, who are your competitors? If you sell a product are there multiple direct or indirect competitors? What makes you unique from these? Consider what do better than your competitors. Knowing these attributes are key to uncovering your unique differentiators.

Third, if you do or don’t know the answers to the what differentiates your offer or service and who your ideal customer is, set up customer interviews. Talking and listening to your buyers is a great way to start the conversation – ask the general questions first and then work your way to the specifics. Interviews are also a great way to build depth and breadth to your product line, possibly extending new products and service offerings. Starting the conversation is a great way to begin the framing of your brand strategy.

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