Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Industry, Digital Marketing and SEO – Part 4

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This is the final article in a four part series. Today we are looking at the growing interest for marketers in Artificial Intelligence, their impact on SEO and AI-assisted marketing tools.

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Humans and robots alike benefit from Artificial Intelligence. But, AI is getting so smart that even Google and Bing need to improve their own search engine ranking. Google and Bing use AI to improve the search algorithms to help customers find better search results. But, in an article by SEO Mechanic  the author shares five ways to benefit from AI and search engine optimization.

  1. Keywords are becoming less relevant – but intent is not. On smart phones, voice searches are increasing. Artificial intelligence helps search engines match their need. The best way to engage consumers is to write naturally. Speak like a human search like a human… and from that, content is found.
  2. Predict what they do next. It’s not enough to search but to predict what the consumer wants to do next – this is using Schema data. This keeps the attention of the user and improves the time spent on the site, decreasing the bounce rate to a website. A visit of 3-5 seconds is not valuable to Google. Longer time on the site verifies validity and relevant content.
  3. The buyer cycle, clarify and understand. When you can segment your content you speak to the customer in the language they understand. Most buyers go through a buying cycle – awareness, interest and decision. If marketers and businesses can give the buyer the information they need at each stage of the journey through segmented and directed search content – a deeper relationship is established. AI looks at all of these interactions as data points.
  4. Be specific. Be niched. AI interprets sites based on how much you help a customer. Having a niche site helps Google and Bing know your industry or services. Google’s RankBrain has forever changed SEO. RankBrain, is an algorithm tool to help measure machine learning more accurately. This helps businesses group good sites from bad to decide which sites can answer the user’s search criteria.
  5. The backbone of AI –Real Time Data. This helps businesses aggregate and organize search terms in real-time. This allows you to test the location, date or device works best with each search term. From there, you can figure out the phrases with the highest ROI. Not only are things like keywords, metrics, and targeted ads going to become increasingly automated, the possibilities of real-time data aggregation solutions are going to change the game for good.
Chatbot graphic on a mobile phone

Chatbots are Mobile Helpers.

AI-assisted voice search marketing tools.

AI-assisted Voice Search tools, such as Siri, Alexa and Google Voice Search are putting more emphasis than ever on conversational content, Google Maps and high rank criteria SERPs. As smartphones and smart speakers bring increasingly sophisticated AI tech into consumers’ lives, searches and SEO are evolving. It’s increasingly important for digital marketers to optimize Content for conversational language with clear, grammatically correct answers to specific questions, such as who, what, where, when, and why.

AI-powered Chatbots – or known as AI bots or Digital Assistants can be a little annoying – but, they actually provide a valuable service to consumers and businesses. Chatbots allow customers to engage with a business without asking a person to search for information. Operating 24/7 Chatbots are a friend ready to help.  They also save businesses money by providing a search service to answer questions in off hours.

  • SEO’s are engaging with search engines to get their answer matched to a searcher’s query.
  • Search engine marketers can take advantage of this support and help businesses transition into the realm that fits trends in how users gain information.

Both chatbots and AI bots provide a foundation for sustainable business growth through improved user experiences, scalability, and low overhead, high return efficiency. Want more AI-assisted marketing tools? Check out the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute article on 42+ Artificial Intelligence Tools for Martketers.


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