Artificial Intelligence – Impact on Industry, Marketing and SEO – Part 2

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Previously we looked at what Artificial Intelligence was and how it’s used in industry. Today we’re looking at the growing use of AI in marketing.

virtual reality glasses on a young woman

A futuristic view of artificial intelligence assisted marketing.

The growing vision of using Artificial Intelligence Assisted Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a hot button and a growing interest for marketers. The Marketing AI Institute tracks the vested financial interest in AI with over 750 AI companies. These companies have a combined funding of more than $3.7 billion.

So, what are the benefits of AI for marketers? Manual, complex tasks can eat away a marketer’s time away from more strategic priorities. In a research study by SAS AI speeds up important tasks such as integrating data sources, creating rules, segments as well as designing tests.

It’s all data driven. Vast amounts of data can be sorted related to customer, operational and campaign performance data. This allows marketers to optimize offers and personalize campaigns. Retail marketers can also quickly evaluate customer-service interactions, in-store behavior, or mobile applications. Here are a few AI benefits for marketers:

  • Marketers can offload cumbersome processes such as evaluating campaign results, making necessary budget adjustments and calling their agencies or marketing partners to authorize changes.
  • AI can help marketers with dynamic pricing as it relates to product availability, demand and forecasting.
  • AI’s advantage is the built-in ability to aggregate data from a broad range of customer, behavioral, operational and content sources – at scale and in real time.

In the future, AI-powered marketing systems will directly access or accept these data types and associated metadata from systems such as content management systems, data management platforms and digital asset management systems. We’ll also see AI automatically enriching these data feeds with more third-party data, social media data, app data, public sources, partner databases and IoT data.

For marketers, the opportunities are endless, ranging from programmatic systems for PPC and SEO to streamlining our sales pipeline more efficiently. AI and marketing are going to be inseparable in the near future.

This article was previously written for a guest blog on Data Technology LLC.
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