Benefits of Branding

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Creating a BRAND isn’t always clear from one company or person to the next. What you see as your brand and what I see as a brand varies. Most people think a logo and a tagline makes up a brand. I think this is a common misperception. A logo and a tag line are only the visual identifiers of a brand. You will find several definitions for “brand in the dictionary as both a noun and a verb. It’s believed that the word brand was derived from an Old English term, bærnan that means to burn. The word is commonly used to refer to mark something denoting ownership.
Ranchers and farmers still use red-hot irons to brand their marks into the hides of livestock. These same brands often appear over gateways as ranch identities.

The American Marketing Association defines a “brand” as a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers.”

So, what makes a really good brand? Why care about it?

The goal for a well-developed brand is to result in more visitors, greater growth and development. More business. More visibility. More loyalty – which can equate to dollars and cents.

It also sows good will and charity. It contribute to a greater peace of mind and greater common good. Wow! That may seem a far stretch – but what’s your favorite brand of clothes? How do you feel when you wear that sweater or “those jeans”.. special? How about your favorite cookie or goodie? When it’s your favorite brand, you devour it as something special and satisfying.

Brands rock. They help us feel closer and somehow better about why we like them.

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