Social Media Tips – Increasing Your Likes on Facebook

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Social media is here to stay. It’s also beginning to cost more and more to increase exposure and compete in the social media marketplace. We review a lot of FREE tools. Most of the “free” goes away after a one week to one month trial (they hook you). Or, if they are free, there are ads galore to content with. Below are a few tips on how to use Facebook without having to pay.

1. Invite your email subscribers to like your page. Now if they are friends or family then that will be very effective when you are just launching your page. But to make this really work, you will need to offer an incentive of some type such as access to free content such as an ebook or a video.

2. Share your blog posts on Facebook. Articles that offer insightful and educational information will provide a reason for people to visit and like your page. Don’t underestimate the power of this type of content.

3. Share compelling photos. This is the most shared type of media on Facebook and can go viral if you happen to have that awesome “cat” or “baby” photo.

4. Comment on other pages where your target audience also hangs out.

5. Share and tag your business page from your personal Facebook account.

6. If you host any live events take photos and encourage fans to tag themselves. Maybe even offer a prize for the most creative photo.

7. Offer fans discounts and specials. This is one of the biggest reasons people like a brand’s page.

8. Link your Facebook page to your Twitter account. You can also be set up so that it automatically tweets when you update.

9. Host a contest. Make sure that one of the conditions of entry is that they have to like your page. Apps and platforms for helping you do this include. Shortstack, Rafflecopter and Agorapulse.

10. Make it easy for people to “like” your page. One of the best ways to do this is to use a Facebook social plugin on your website or blog that is in a prominent location (top right on the homepage like I have on this page), so that people can like your Facebook page without leaving your site


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