How Color Psychology Influences Marketing

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The psychology of color.

The psychology of color.

Do you consider color when you’re creating your marketing campaign? As a designer, I know that using the wrong colors can make or break a design, campaign or a sign package. Studies show that color and the psychology of color influences consumer buying and behavior. So, how do you choose the right color or color combinations? And, how do you know what is appropriate in one setting, might not be appropriate in another?

Emotion, behaviors and moods are influenced color. If we take these into consideration, it’s easier to create effective marketing, signage, and advertising.

Consider how bold combinations of yellow, red and orange are used frequently for fast food restaurants. These colors are strong and they encourage visitors to eat faster and then leave. Using red can signal to your potential buyer to take advantage of a specific offer or promotion on your Website. Thinking about using green? It’s soothing, earthy and often connotes growth. Environmental or organic companies use green to satisfy our connection with nature. We see great companies such as Starbucks use green as a primary color and association with their concern for the environment. It’s also a great color to promote community… which is in sync with having people hang out in their coffee shops for hours on end. (It also an opportunity to sell more and build in brand loyalty).

Children’s toys, books, or websites are usually adorned with pastel and primary colors. Small children are drawn to these colors and they react to them more positively than to other combinations of stronger colors.

Below are colors and their psychology impact on the U.S. market.

Red – excitement, strength, passion, speed, danger

Blue – trust, belonging, freshness

Yellow – warmth, happiness, joy, cowardice

Orange – playfulness, warmth, liveliness

Green – nature, freshness, growth, abundance

Purple – classiness, spirituality, dignity

Pink – gentleness, kindness, safeness

Gold – prestige, luxury

Silver – prestige, coldness

White – moral purity, holiness, innocence, youth, gentleness

Black – sophistication, elegance, mystery

Developing your marketing, community, product or service can influence how you want people to your brand. When considering redesigning your company’s logo, brochures, or branded material – keep in mind that the colors you are using are an immensely powerful marketing tool.


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