The Low Down on Home Improvement

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tile backsplash

tile backsplash

Home Improvement: big and small
If you live in a large Texas home or a small efficiency apartment – improving your home is a never ending process. We want new colors, new tile, paint and more. The upkeep and development of a home can be costly and time consuming. Many renters and home owners delay this work, or try to cut corners where they can to save a few bucks, even if this means doing the project themself. Putting it off is one way to postpone the cost of maintaining the regular wear and tear on a home. However, strategically planning some routine improvements and breaking down larger projects into mini-projects is the smarter way to achieve a well-kept residence without putting too much strain on your resources! Here are a few tips:

First things, first
Spruce up the entrance! The front door is a feature often ignored, but always noticed by guest and potential buyers, renters, and pretty much anybody that visits your home! It is the very first impression a person approaching the residence will form. Painting or replacing this feature could make all the difference to the appearance of a home that may need a little something extra.

The little things
Architectural details such as baseboards, mantels, and crown molding add character and style to the interior of a home. Window treatments and installing cornice boxes add depth to a room. Updating them or painting them with a pop of color can also pull together a room in a small way!

Nip and Tuck
Updating, replacing cabinets and countertops in the kitchen and bathroom make a huge difference in the appearance of your living space! New Faucets or sinks also add a nice touch and give a property’s kitchens or bathrooms a modern appeal. The best thing about these features is that they can gradually be replaced, painted or updated over time.
Focusing on one area of the room at a time, can afford you time to make calculated choices about the details. If the cost is too overwhelming, try replacing the handles on the cabinets, or have them painted to add more character and spruce them up a bit. These updates will definitely give a room the facelift that it needs and will not go unnoticed.

Improving your home shows tender loving care and exponentially improves the equity in your home. Home improvement is an inevitable factor that can heavily influence the equity of your home. Executing projects one-by-one lessens the financial burden of many costly repairs. It allows the home owner or renter to strategically plan and budget the cost of updates and repairs.

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