Things to Do Before You Sell Your Home

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Selling your home.

Selling your home.

The Big Sell …
Preparing to sell your home can be an overwhelming process. It can be hard to determine what updates, repairs or changes are going to make the most meaningful impact. Changes can easily be overlooked or forgotten during a process when all bases should be covered.

Anything on the outside or interior of your home that is more than two to five years old needs some attention. Various fixtures and features will need to be replaced or updated if you plan to sell your home. Typically, a homeowner would not consider making changes unless something is broken or desperately in need of an update. However, when evaluating alterations that need to be made to showcase a home in a competitive market, you should look for obvious signs like chipping paint or vinyl. Determining if an aspect of your home will need a minor or major overhaul will put cost and time into perspective.

Starting from the Bottom
When evaluating what changes to make in a room, start with the floors. Flooring can make a big physiological impact on a potential buyer’s impression of your home. If the floors have chipping vinyl, scratched wood, or stained and dated carpet, replacing them is ideal. Floors are an aspect of a home that will almost always need a major overhaul. Replacing vinyl with stone or ceramic tile, refinishing wood floors and discarding or replacing old carpet will all yield a bigger pay-off or return on investment, guaranteed!

Sinks, Faucets and Backsplashes – Oh My!
Sinks are a big deal! If a potential buyer is big on cooking, or if they have a handicap, or elderly person that may need to access a sink, sink area more closely scrutinized. In the bathrooms, replacing your current sink with a pedestal sink makes the area more accessible for children and the elderly. This update can also add character and create more open space, making any bathroom appear larger.

Replacing the backsplash is a great way to give the sink area a great facelift and compliment the kitchen décor. There are various different tile options to suite any budget. Replacing the faucet as well as the backsplash can pull together a room in a subtle way. These updates in the kitchen can be a great way to win over a potential buyer. A lot of family time and memories are made in the kitchen, so, a little attention goes a long way.

Ceilings and Walls
Updating ceilings and walls are a must! If a home is suffering from poorly painted walls that are now peeling and damaged, or dated popcorn ceilings and walls, this needs to be resolved before the home goes on the market. In an age where people often like to tackle a paint job themselves, they neglect to execute the job properly, and make careless mistake that are costly to correct in the future.

Sprucing up the exterior of your property can have an impact on curb appeal and actually closing a deal on your home. Enhancing your yard with an alluring fence, or sprucing up a porch or patio with a pergola can make a yard space seem more charming and ideal for hosting company or family time. If you already have existing exterior features such as these, refinishing the wood is a great way to show invested upkeep in a feature that is often severely worn down from weather or neglect.

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