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Visualize the possibilities. No, we’re not proposing a New Age idea. We’re talking about amazing architectural services and tools to help you look at what you want to accomplish. Or, simply maximize and work with what you already own. It’s not always possible to build from scratch, but making the most of what you have is very doable. Consider a couple architectural services and ideas in this article.

Using 3D renderings are a great way to visual before you invest. From updating community rooms to kitchen remodels and full elevations. Creating 3D rendering is a great tool to maximize your vision before the building begins … In this example, our client – a General Contractor – was looking provide their residential customer an updated look.


3D Modeling and Architectural Services

Visualize new ideas and environments with architectural services and 3D design.

Our process:

To open up their kitchen and add a few contemporary elements we asked for: CLIENT PHOTOS and a DESIGN WISHLIST, through a simple questionnaire. We were able to use the photos that the general contractor took, and provided interior design and architectural samples from Google image searches, HOUZZ and other sources of inspiration. The samples of back-splashes, stained concrete flooring and solid-surface countertops were incorporated to create an updated kitchen.

Now, the General Contractor and the Client are on the same page and know what to expect. It removes the guessing game and allows a fresh clean slate. So, how can 3D Architectural and Visualization Services help you?

The Benefits of 3D Architectural Visualization Services:

Reduce bidding – 3D visualizations enable contractors to understand projects better and take the guesswork out of bidding. Without the uncertainty, contractors don’t have to overbid projects.
Improve marketing – 3D visualizations enhance marketing by giving viewers an eye-catching view of a project in multiple forms of media, including television ads and website videos.
Improve communication – 3D visualizations give viewers the ability to easily understand the most complex projects without having to know how to read architectural drawings.
Improve curb appeal – Stunning, photo-realistic visualizations improve a project’s elegance and style with the use of high-resolution billboard prints.
Identify design flaws and poor color schemes – 3D visualizations enable owners, architects, and developers to see design flaws before anything is built and money is wasted.
Permit projects faster – many local city or governing organizations might reject buildings and developments because of an uncertainty in their final appearance. 3D visualizations take away the uncertainty and give officials more confidence in bidding in a project’s favor.

Typical 3-Stage Process:

1. Modeling stage: We send out the 3D model wireframe and allow for one round of changes in case you have forgotten something.
2. Texture and Lighting stage: Here your project is taking shape. Again we allow for a change within this stage.
3. Post Production stage: Finally, we add the extras to provide realism to your project. Again we allow for a change within this stage.

Need help visualizing your multi-family community, rebrand design or residential build out?

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