Love Your Content – Be Visual

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Want to earn more views, shares and engagements on your social posts!

1. Make content easy to share.

Gone are the days of creating visuals and hoping they go viral. Are you using interesting or inspiring imagery? Are your photos and videos as high-quality as your message? While your content should be attractive and consumable, you must also account for how your audience will find it and what channels will amplify it.

2. Make visual content accessible.

Journalists, bloggers and influencers want great visual content to attract and engage their audiences, just like you! Follow best practices so they can more easily understand, appreciate and repurpose it. For instance, create Facebook images that meet the platform’s size requirements and shoot YouTube videos in landscape mode.

3. Use free tools.

You don’t need flashy image creation or video editing software to have a stake in rich media. Take advantage of free design tools such as Piktochart. Short-form video services such as Vine and Instagram have also revolutionized the way in which we point, shoot and upload.

4. Don’t underestimate user-generated content.

Does your brand have fans? Empower them to share their stories and you will encounter a caliber of creativity, brand affinity and authenticity that can be used as part of your content strategy. Hiring advocates, launching social contests and engaging on social networks are great ways to solicit visual content from your most loyal followers—many of whom may already be dying to share a photo, video or meme with your company.


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