Summer fun. Summer slump. Do your summer sales sizzle or fizzle?

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It’s true. The summer is the time for family vacations, outdoor barbecues and a whole lot of nothing. Typically, spending money on travel is on the rise. But, if you’re not in a summer-vacation-hot-weather-related industry, how do you bump up your sales? Here are a few tips to start your summer sales flowing into viable cash streams.

  1. Make irresistible offers. Cutting prices is one idea, but value add is the best idea. Bundle your offers. Give more for larger orders, but don’t cheapen your products and prices. People expect to get a “good deal” but you can’t cut so low that you’re giving away the farm. Give a loss-leader product for free when purchased with (xyz). That way, it gives your patrons a chance to try something that they’re not sure about with something that they love.
  2. Social media contests. Social media is here to stay and giveaways are great ways to engage your loyal fans and increase new patrons. It’s also a great way to increase your page views. And, page view increases can mean increases in your Google search results, too! Offer a gift or a great discount to the winner, take a photo of the winner when they come into your store and share it out after the contest. Patron selfies are a great way to show the love and grow the cash register. Facebook and Twitter remain popular regardless of the season, so business owners can be confident that social media contents will help them reach a wider audience and, ideally, boost sales.
  3. Seasonal focus. Market your products and services centered around popular summertime activities like cookouts, beach trips, and days at the pool, water park or baseball and soccer field. The idea is to provide readers with summer-themed content, such as blogs and social media posts, and use them to promote your relevant products and services. Recipes can be a great give-away when patrons are in your restaurant, too. Ask them to fix your special dish, snap a photo and post their version of your special dessert or salad. Food is always a winner.
  4. Partnerships. It’s the best time to partner with other businesses to promote their services and have them promote yours. Your retail store could give samples of the baker 4 doors down. Or, maybe give a gift card worth $25 of product … Reach out to a local retail chain, offer your desire to partner and see what collaboration can give your bottom line a boost.
  5. Announce a new product or service. New is always a way to attract potential customers and loyal customers. If you’re unsure, create it as a limited-quantity item or one-time offer. Scarcity is always an effective marketing tactic.

Stay focused and stay positive. A few well chosen marketing tactics can boost your bottom line and heat up your sales in the summer slump.

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