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Don’t you wish it was easy to just “box up” your dreams and have someone else take care of it? Well, this oh-so-creative interior design agency is doing just that. We don’t get any kudos for this plug, we simply think it’s a marvelous concept. Inspiring new ideas …

Interior Design Services

Design in a box, interior design services.

[divider] Box Your Room is an interior design service offered by Hudson, MA based Design Elements Interior Design. The concept behind Box Your Room is to make a quick, simple, design fixes. What they do is review photos of the current space that you want redone, and then send you all the information needed to redecorate the space. No site visits, no hourly fees, just one flat rate per room. The selections that are made are just suggestions. It can be very overwhelming designing a space and we are here to make it an easier process for you. They design rooms for all different types of budgets. No matter what the budget restrictions they can give you beautiful selections for your space.

What is the process?

• Complete their design questionnaire
• Provide dimensions and photos of the current space.
• If there are any items that you would like to keep just send photos and dimensions of the items.
• Inspirational images of other spaces that you like

What will you box include?

• Furnishing plan of space
• Paint / Wallpaper selections
• Furnishing selections
• Fabric selections
• Accessory selections
• Flooring selections
• Information needed to purchase items
• Budget plan

How much will this cost?

The pricing of Box Your Room depends on the room requirements.
Entry $250
Kitchen $300
Dining $300
Living $300
Family $300
Bathroom $300
Powder Room $250
Bedroom $300
Kids Room $300
Office $300
Playroom $300

Need Help Remodeling?

Now, if you need a REMODELING contractor, Valiant can offer several reliable sources in the Dallas, Texas area. Give The Abeyta Group Remodel team a shout at 972-767-7770.

Happy designing!

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