How Color Can Impact Your Drive-By Curb-Appeal

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Home exterior and interior color

Home exterior and interior color

Curb appeal. Every property wants it, but how is it achieved? It may not be as tricky as you may think, but a few things must be considered. Drive up appeal or the physical appearance of your property creates the first impression that a renter or buyer will form. When marketing a property, following a few tips will make sure that first impression is a lasting one.

Exterior Color
The color of the siding, wood, brick, window shutters and pretty much everything on the exterior (including the door) can be critical to a potential sale! Any chipping or excessive filth on the exterior of the home can hinder your exertions in marketing a property. Fresh paint or siding is always the best way to revamp the look of a property. Choosing a thought-out, cohesive color scheme can convey a particular image and highlight the features of a listing.

Based on the part of town or design of the space, select a color scheme that will compliment this theme. Whether it is a warm, eclectic, nature inspired, neutral or a coastal inspired pallet, a balanced completed look can make an inviting statement to any prospective buyers.

The right lighting can complement the exterior of a property. It can exude a warm and inviting vibe that will draw attention to potential buyers, intriguing further interest in exploring the property.

If there is an experiential sign or even a for sale or rent sign, some strategic lighting will showcase that information to make prospects more familiar with the territory. Even a light on the address of the property can give extra attention and drive-by appeal.

The color of the doors, shutters and other features of the house play a role in the perceived appearance of the property. Paying attention to small details shows pride of ownership and adds character.

If the property is a multi-family living space, a coordinated color scheme shows that there is a mindful effort to keep the property modern and inviting to new and existing residents and their guests. If all the signage and way finding resources match the exterior of the property, even better!


The color of the exterior should be somewhat of a precursor or reflection of the interior. Traditionally, people have expected a neutral pallet to adorn the walls of their property. However, a pop of color on the trim or base boards of your property’s walls and doors can add style and highlight the architectural features of the space. The interior color does not have to be an exact match of exterior color scheme, but it should be a well thought-out and cohesive pallet.

A well-executed exterior and interior theme can give any property a new image and curb appeal. Choice colors can trigger the prospect’s imagination creating a vision of acquiring the space and making it their own.

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