Considering Digital Signage?

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It’s actually a great consideration. With the increase of competition and the advancements in the industry, digital signage is a superb way to get your message out with fresh, changeable content and images. In fact, digital billboards – be small or large are perfect for retailers, apartment communities, corporations and businesses of any size. So many digital billboards are easy to change the content using in-house staff. What are some common components to most digital signage projects? See the list below. (compliments of the Digital Screenmedia Association).
A typical signage project includes:

LCD is most common; plasma is good for high quality video with fast moving action.
Player device
Often a small form factor PC or appliance that runs content and displays to the screen.
Mounting bracket
Most often includes wall, pole, ceiling, or movable cart.
Management software
To manage media, playlists, schedules and manage each screen/player.
Standard IP networking is most common, and management over the internet, cellular or even Satellite is available.
Perhaps the most important element! A strategic messaging campaign with media such as video, flash, HTML, Jpeg/Gif graphics, live TV, RSS and more are common.

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