Spend Money on Pay to Play Advertising.

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Whether you like it or not, social media is a big part of marketing and our everyday life. A plethora of social media tools exist for a business to reach out to their specific audience. Some of these tools offer “free” relationship building tools, others cost marketing dollars.
Facebook is shifting from free to pay. All of its marketing and advertising features are moving toward the paid-only format. Though many agree that adopting a “pay-to-play” marketing strategy may have driven some users away, Facebook is in many ways still a valid and valuable marketing tool.

Why Pay to Play?
Segmentation and targeting. Reaching your fans is no longer done through free posts. Studies have shown that only 8% of the organic posts actually reach your segmented fan base. So, if you want to keep promoting and sharing with your fans you now need to pay to advertise to them. Facebook is particularly useful for B2C companies, but less so for B2B companies.

Facebook users build a fairly comprehensive profile about themselves when using the platform, and this can all be used to fine tune your target market. Some of the data Facebook uses for targeted marketing includes:
-Life events
-Likes – brand connections,book/music/sport/film
-Apps and Groups
-Mobile device use
-Purchase power
– Travel

No other social platform uses as unique a combination of information to target its users. This is what makes Facebook particularly useful for businesses in specific industries to reach out to audiences, with relatively small amounts of time and effort. So, pay to play. It’s the new form of social marketing…

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