The Primary Building Blocks for Ranking Your Website

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How many times do you review the latest digital marketing tactics? They are constantly changing based on new techniques and algorithms.  You can spend hours on your latest product, offering or blog but if Google can’t find it – it’s not going to be relevant. With hundreds of thousands of Websites, the key to getting your content to rank well in search is having a clear understanding of how Google finds, analyzes, and ranks your content. 

In short, discovery, relevance, and authority – those are the three stages that impact how search engines work. And each of these three stages correlates with an action the search engine takes: crawling, indexing, and ranking (or authority.)

In the DISCOVERY stage, search engine bots discover your web page by crawling it – which really just means it discovers your web page and takes note of all of the content within it. 

During the RELEVANCE stage the search engine bot discovers your content. It then must assess how relevant the content is to certain search queries by indexing it. This is where the power of Keywords impacts and signals the value of the content. 

Concurrently, the AUTHORITY stage reviews the content credibility through backlinks and other factors, that search engines consider your site authoritative enough to rank high in the search results. How authoritative your content is directly impacts ranking strength. Citations from other pages and sources serve as backlinks to your site. Ahrefs has a great online tools to check the authority of your Website. Check it out.

In summary, these three stages and actions are dependent on one another. If your content isn’t relevant, then it has little chance of ranking, no matter how authoritative it is. If your website isn’t authoritative, then it has little chance of ranking, no matter how relevant it is. And if your website can’t be discovered in the first place, it has no chance of ranking at all. Google, of course has more than these three ranking factors, for an exhaustive list check out the complete Google 2020 list.

If you want to learn more, I am personally a fan of Hubspot’s marketing tools. You can learn in-depth about this, SEO and digital marketing through Hubspot’s free online education platform. Or, one of my favorite marketing gurus, Neil Patel. Enjoy and happy ranking!

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